What We are Doing to Combat COVID-19

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The threat of COVID-19 is taken very seriously by Seattle Center hotels, and Executive Inn is no different. We are actively taking precautions to protect our guests and to safeguard our staff members. Rest assured that we are doing our part in curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

We assure you that we have strict measures in place to ensure your safety on our premises. Our sanitation protocols are met with diligence and follow the guidelines set by public health authorities and the WHO. 

More Rigorous Sanitation Procedures
To mitigate the risk of infection of our guests and staff members, we made our cleaning procedures more extensive. 

  • Touch Points – Special attention is given to “touch points,” which are areas that are often held and touched by people. These include elevator buttons, remote controls, front desks, door handles, and stairway rails. We sanitize touch points more often now, to eliminate pathogens that can be passed on to other people. Our staff follows a strict cleaning schedule.
  • Cleaning Products – We have reviewed the products our entire staff uses to sanitize our premises to ensure that they are robust enough to disinfect different types of surfaces. This also covers the products we use to wash our linens. We also ensure that disinfectants, like water and soap, are available for our guests at all times.
  • Updated Protocols – The COVID-19 situation evolves daily, which is why Executive Inn keeps abreast of the latest development and research, especially when it concerns the nature of coronavirus. We look out for news about its life span on surfaces and effective ways to prevent its proliferation.

Stricter Hygiene Protocols
Apart from updating our equipment and procedures, we also ensure that our staff is aligned with our new measures.

  • Protective Gear – Our staff is equipped with adequate protective gear, such as masks and gloves when serving our guests and cleaning the premises. This ensures that they remain safe from the threat of infectious diseases. Moreover, protective gear makes sure that the clients are equally safe from harm. Our staff is also trained to handle disinfectants safely.
    Personal Hygiene – Though our staff has always observed personal hygiene practices before, we are monitoring them more closely since we tightened our protocols. Hand-washing is mandatory, on top of wearing protective gear.  Our team also follows the proper hand-washing methods set by public health authorities.
    Social Distancing – Our staff also practices social distancing whenever possible. We have limited onsite staff to only essential workers and have allowed employees who can, to work from home. 
  • We have all but eliminated in-person meetings and have been conducting our meetings online. 
  • Health Information – We believe that accurate information is crucial to combat the virus, which is why our staff is briefed and trained in health response. Apart from sanitation practices, they know how to recognize symptoms and respond accordingly.

Executive Inn promises to prioritize your health and safety during these unprecedented times. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 measures, contact us today. 

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