Travel Tip: Stay Near the City When Traveling

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One of the many things to consider when traveling is where to stay. Many people choose hostels and inns outside the city so that they can cut down on expenses and enjoy the seclusion. However, the pros outweigh the cons when staying in the city. Here are some of them:


Whether you are on a business trip or sightseeing, the central business district or main attractions are either within walking distance or easily accessible through public transport. You will be able to stay later and explore more places simply because you don’t have to worry about transportation, or spend extra cash on car hire and parking.

Near convenience stores

Staying in an unfamiliar city at home or abroad can be just as daunting, especially for first-timers. When you stay at a hotel that is near the center of the city, chances are the things you need are more readily available.

For example, if you are in a hostel out of town and forgot your toothbrush, you will have to wait until the next morning to find a shop. In the city, most hotels provide items for personal hygiene, but if not, you can quickly go to a nearby convenience store and find what you want. If you become hungry in the dead of the night, you can easily find food at the nearest 24/7 convenience store as well.

Near hospitals and restaurants

Aside from convenience stores, staying within the city during your travel will keep you near hospitals and other facilities in case of emergencies. While you don’t want to get sick during a trip, it is reassuring to know that responders can quickly find you if needed.

Get the more complete experience

When you stay near or within the city during your trip, you have a better chance of fully immersing yourself with the city attractions and the local culture.

In Seattle, there are many places in the city to explore. For example, the Museum of Pop Culture and the Pacific Science Center are fun places to explore with family and friends while staying in the area. You can also stay late at the Pike Place Market or enjoy ballet by the Pacific Northwest Ballet during an evening performance. All of these things you can do without worry about transportation or getting lost, because you are already in the city.

When it comes to choosing a hotel to stay, do not just look at the cost; also consider the quality of service and convenience of location. It’s always good to check out reviews online to see what previous customers say about the hotels you find.

A hotel made for you

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