Solo Travel: Why You Should Try It At Least Once

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The idea of traveling alone can be daunting, especially for first-timers. But solo traveling is something you should try once in your life. It gives you the flexibility to choose your destination, find affordable hotels that suit your budget, and move at your own pace.

Traveling alone is also a great way to spend time with yourself while being far from the distractions of your everyday life. It can help you discover new things about yourself during your trip, too.

Get to Know Yourself Better

Traveling to a new place alone is both exciting and scary. But this is a perfect opportunity to get out of your comfort zone. It will challenge you to rely on yourself during tough situations, such as talking to locals or walking for several hours.

Solo traveling also exposes you to raw experiences that could help you learn new things about yourself that you probably didn’t know before. It allows you to discover your capabilities you can use after you’re your trip.

This kind of adventure helps you improve your decision-making skills because, during your trip, you’re likely to make your own decisions. You might also learn to overcome your fears and become a better individual.

Safety Guidelines When Traveling Solo

Don’t let your excitement overwhelm you. Traveling on your own for the first time is not easy. Proper preparation is vital to make the trip as smooth as possible. Your safety is an important factor to consider during your trip. Since you only have yourself to depend on, you’re more vulnerable to scams.

Here is a guide to help you have a memorable travel experience:

  • Know the estimated travel time and cost to get from the airport to your hotel
  • Book a hotel with a 24-hour front desk, especially if you’re arriving late
  • Don’t do something that you think doesn’t feel right
  • When going out, particularly at night, opt for open and public places
  • Be confident and walk purposefully
  • Don’t look like a tourist
  • Avoid wearing clothes or jewelry that draw attention
  • Leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member or friend at home

Planning Your Next Trip

When planning your trip, it’s vital to set your budget first. Consider your destination and the length of your journey to help you set your expectations. The activities you want to do during your trip will also help you define your budget.

Researching the place you’re visiting is a crucial stage of planning, as well. It’s a fun thing to do but make sure to be organized. Otherwise, all the information you’ve gathered end up cluttered. Use Pinterest or your desktop to sort the information you need for your trip. Make a specific board or folder for each place you’re planning to visit.

Booking your hotel in advance can help you save money. You can use hotel booking websites to see different offers and choose the most affordable ones. But you can also book your room directly with the hotel.

If you’re planning to visit Seattle, Executive Inn offers affordable hotel rooms with incredible amenities. It’s located near Seattle’s famous attractions and provide a delicious breakfast buffet. Our hotel also has 24-hour security to keep you safe during your entire stay.

Contact us to learn more.

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