How Executive Inn by the Space Needle is Responding to COVID-19

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Like many businesses, hotels and other hospitality establishments have been affected severely by the coronavirus pandemic. In the state of Washington, strict stay-at-home orders are still in place, social distancing is encouraged whenever residents are out, and schools, malls, and other establishments are closed.

Here at the Executive Inn by the Space Needle, we fully support the government’s initiatives to help slow the spread of COVID-19. And while we’re one of the few affordable hotels that have stayed open in Seattle, our priority right now is everyone’s safety.

Executive Inn’s Response to COVID-19

Our doors remain open to guests who are essential workers and need a place to stay to limit their contact with others. We also have a limited number of onsite staff equipped to provide the best service for our guests while prioritizing both their comfort and safety.

As such, we have implemented the measures listed below to ensure the safety of our guests and employees.

Changes at the Hotel Premises

  • We have closed the seating section in the lobby, the public restrooms, the breakfast room, the exercise room, and the meeting rooms.
  • We have also removed pieces of furniture from the additional guest seating area.
  • We have placed Plexiglass screens and social distancing tape markings at the front desk.
  • We have put up Practice Social Distancing signs on elevators and each guest bathroom.
  • We have posted a No Visitors signage; only guests are allowed to enter the hotel.
  • We have disconnected the drinking fountain in the lobby.
  • We have removed all non-essential amenities from guest rooms to minimize the surfaces that can potentially carry the virus.
  • We have cancelled all catering functions.

Safety and Sanitation Measures

  • For guests who request breakfast, we are distributing pre-individually wrapped breakfast items from the front desk.
  • We have installed hand sanitizing stations at our front desk and by the elevator doors.
  • We have implemented hourly cleaning and sanitation of elevators, the front desk, and common areas.
  • We have reduced the number of rooms assigned per attendant to allow for more thorough cleaning of each guest room.
  • We have instituted “hanging rooms,” meaning a room will not be cleaned for 72 hours after the departure of the previous guest, to minimize the risk of possible contamination from the room.
  • Our front desk agents are sanitizing all key cards and pens after every use.
  • We have blocked off floors of unused guest rooms.
  • All our non-operations essential management staff are working from home.
  • All essential operations employees are wearing face masks in public spaces.
  • All room attendants and maintenance personnel wear face masks and gloves all the time.

Above all, we are committed to keeping our guests informed and safe within our premises. Essential workers who check-in at the Executive Inn by the Space Needle can expect to be cared for as all our valued guests.

The entire hospitality industry has never experienced something as immense as the coronavirus pandemic before. Its impact is extreme and wide-reaching. So, we thank our guests for your patience and understanding as we continue to adapt to the rapid changes in the industry. Let us serve you better so we can safely move forward together.

Contact us for your essential accommodation needs.

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