Explore the Borders of the Universe at Seattle’s Scientific Attractions

Seattle is a city with so much history and culture to offer residents and travelers. Visitors can feel transported back in time by walking around historic Pioneer Square. They can even take things one step further with a tour through the streets buried by time and progress.  Sophisticated tourists will appreciate the elegant music and graceful movements of the Pacific Northwest Ballet. Each performance is sure to enchant the audience.

But Seattle also has something for the visionary, the innovative, and the curious. They can explore exhibits and events for the bold and scientific mind while enjoying affordable accommodations at the Executive Inn.

Attractions that will piqué the minds and interests of tourists include the Science Fiction Exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture, the planetarium at the Seattle Science Center, and the Space Needle.

Explore Strange New Worlds

Science fiction has long roused the interest and imagination of audiences around the world. Literary pioneers of the genre include 19th-century novelists, such as Mary Shelley, Jules Verne, and H.G. Welles. The potential of science and technology to create new horizons for humanity to explore or to destroy worlds in ways undreamt of have been some of the most powerful forces in science fiction.

Tourists in Seattle can explore the strange new worlds that science fiction has opened by visiting the “Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction” exhibit at the Museum of Pop Culture. With over 150 artifacts from an incredible array of science fiction films and television shows, this interactive and immersive journey takes visitors to the boundary between the real and the imagined.

The Final Frontier

For untold centuries, humanity has looked at the sky and pondered many mysteries about the universe. Are there other life forms looking down on us from the sky? What lies beyond the dark veil of space? What celestial cauldron births the stars? Space is the final frontier of humanity’s explorations.  Although the reach of science can only bring humans to the moon, technology allows earth-bound souls to peer into the heavens and see the cosmos.

The Pacific Science Center offers visitors a chance to see the stars at the Willard Smith Planetarium. Advanced projection devices can simulate a journey through the outer reaches of the sky and allow visitors to conquer the final frontier. The planetarium staff can adjust their presentation to the curiosity of their audiences and answer their questions about the various aspects of space.

Where No Man Has Gone Before

People who aren’t contented with simply viewing the sky try to rise above the surly bonds of earth. This ambition to soar higher, reach farther, and climb faster has pushed the bold and daring in the past to go where no man has gone before. This dream became a reality when Neil Armstrong and his companions became the first humans to step on the moon’s pale surface. The Age of Space sent rockets and imagination soaring into the vastness of the universe.

The Seattle Space Needle is one of the greatest landmarks of the Space Age. Since it opened its doors in 1962, the 520-foot tower has offered visitors a view of the northwestern Pacific coast. At night, viewers can see the blanket of stars in the sky above, and the lights of Seattle spread like a reflection on the earth below.

A visit to Seattle is more than just a chance to do business or go on vacation. It’s a chance to explore the universe.

And all these attractions (as well as others) are within striking distance of Executive Inn.

Stay Comfortable and Within Budget

We offer comfortable accommodations and luxurious amenities without the hefty prices of other hotels. By staying with us, tourists have more room in their budget to explore Seattle.

Contact us today and experience Seattle in affordable and comfortable lodgings.

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