Board Meetings Are Best Set Outside the Company HQ

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Board meetings are few and far in between, but their agenda and the decisions made here affect the entire company. Organizational budgets are tracked and approved, strategic deliberations are held, and past performances are reviewed. The members discuss the key developments of the business and decide which direction the company will be headed. It will impact both employees and stakeholders.

Planning the board meeting, therefore, is a tall order. Your goal is to make the meeting as conducive to productivity as possible. You need to prepare the agenda, reports, and other relevant documents and distribute them to the board members ahead of time. On top of that, you must choose a location that facilitates a healthy and uninterrupted discussion.

Instead of holding the meeting in the company headquarters, consider choosing a different and novel venue, like a meeting space. The Executive Inn by the Space Needle has hosted many board meetings in our meeting spaces in Seattle, WA, and we’re happy to report that they’ve successfully tackled all of the items in their agenda list.

Here’s how holding the board meeting in a different location can help it become more productive.

The Environment Dictates the Attitude

Do you have to hold the meeting elsewhere if your office already provides the professional atmosphere the meeting requires? Yes, especially when you want control over the atmosphere of the venue. People act differently in different physical environments. Employees tend to be more at ease outside their office and away from their desks.

So, if the spirit of your organization and the leadership style of the upper management want a more casual approach in running a board meeting, then enlist the help of the venue staff to create a relaxed atmosphere. Conversely, if the company culture calls for a serious atmosphere, ask them to recreate the polished feel of an office.

Meeting in a Neutral Zone

Since board meetings execute major decisions in the company, it would help to hold the meeting in a neutral place that refreshes the attendee’s minds. Even if the meeting space has a serious atmosphere, it’s still away from their office, making the meeting more relaxed,  everyone less nervous, and keeping tensions down.

On top of that, offsite meetings offer fewer distractions, allowing for greater engagement. You can be sure that no one will come knocking for another urgent matter and that there’d be minimal noise from the outside.

A fresh environment also breeds creativity. The input from diverse physical environments compels people to overcome any cognitive fixation and brews ideas. Holding the meeting outside the company’s conference rooms helps board members see things from a different light and think of out-of-the-box solutions.

Moreover, meeting spaces are incredibly flexible, so much so that you can change the equipment, seating arrangement, and atmosphere for every board meeting you hold.

Robust Technological Support Is a Must

An effective meeting calls for strategic use of digital tools. The meeting venue, therefore, should offer adequate technological support. This enables presenters to be more creative and attendees be more engaged. For instance, it allows the board to use slideshows, voting polls, digital reports, and more.

There’s no room for an unreliable internet connection or malfunctioning video player tools. As a major organizational meeting, the board meeting should use every minute to discuss the agenda and come up with actionable items.

The Executive Inn by the Space Needle offers all these and more. Set in a convenient location in Seattle, our meeting spaces take your employees into the thinking zone, allowing for more engaged attendees and more productive meetings. We work closely with you to ensure that your meeting venue has everything your board members would need.

Make sure your board meeting is a success. Get in touch with The Executive Inn by the Space Needle today to book a meeting space in Seattle.

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